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Boeing Boeing


RCA 1965
Mono LOC-1121 - Stereo LSO-1121
Music from the score of the Paramount Pictures Motion Picture
A HAL WALLIS Production
Screenplay by EDWARD ANHALT
Directed by JOHN RICH

Composed and Conducted by NEAL HEFTI

Bavarian Pipe Dream

Blues For Bertha

Champagne 1

Champagne 2

English Breakfast

Fraulein 'D' Cup


Girl Chasin'

Main Title

More Blues For Bertha

Senor Boeing


Fast Fun and Games in Hal Wallis’
Airborne Girl-Go-Round . .

Once upon a time there were two big bad wolves and three helpless little airline stewardesses. The first wolf, whose name was Bernard, had a cozy ad in Paris, where these chicks periodically came to roost when their wings got tired. Bernard being a remarkable wolf was engaged to all three fly girls – Lise, who flew for Germany’s Lufthansa; Jacqueline, who flew for Air France, and Vicky, who flew for British United. Bernard was also a sly fox on the side, so he didn’t tell anybody but his kindly housekeeper, Bertha, about this fun-and-games arrangement. Of course, Bernard wasn’t greedy. He only had one little airline stewardess on the ground at a time, and kept the other two up in the air.

Then, the second big bad wolf, a villain in disguise, whose name was Robert, discovered Bernard’s secret and moved right into Bernard’s fun house and hopped on the revolving merry-go-round. So there they were – two big bad wolves and three helpless little airline stewardesses, and a kindly housekeeper, who sometimes pretended to be a witch. Now you know why they called this thing BOEING BOEING. There’s a moral somewhere to this story, but who wants a story with a moral.

Neal Hefti, a smooth swinger from way back, composed and conducted the nifty music-to-fly-by score.