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Hefti in Gotham City


RCA 1966
Mono LPM-3621 – Stereo LPS-3621
NEAL (Batman Theme) HEFTI, His Orchestra and Chorus

Composed and Conducted by NEAL HEFTI

Gotham City Municipal Swing Band

Robin's Egg Blues

Honorable Batman

Soul City

The Lonely Greek

Turkish Delight

Tugboat Square

Mother Gotham

Queen of Freedom


King Tut's Tomb

Senorita Boo Bam

Diary of a Vacation

Saturday –- Finished my Gotham City assignment yesterday and decided to have some hot times in the old town so to speak, during the coming week. Today started with a bang when I bumped into a parade going down Avenue 5. The Band I liked best was the Gotham City Municipal Swing Band. I really like Municipal Swing – it’s very catchy and easy to dance to. And all the musicians dressed in their green-purple-orange uniforms were quite a sight to see.

Sunday –- Neither men nor musicians can live on bread alone, and today was the day to realize it. A day of rest and spiritual meditation began in the jubilant haven known as Soul City.

Monday – Everyone has heard about Gotham City at night. Well, tonight was our night to howl. We started things off with dinner at the Fujiyummy (Fuji to go) where the headwaiter recognized me as a friend of Honorable Batman and gave us super-duper service. After dinner we decided to paint the town, beginning around the corner at a nightclub called Turkish Delight, where they served tall exotic drinks and featured short exotic dancers from the Middle East. As one of the comics said, “the best thing about the Middle East is the eastern middle.”

Tuesday – (will be my good news day . . . etc. Funny how some songs just stick in your mind.) Anyway – another day, another night. And this time to a Spanish place where the main performer was Senorita Boo Bam. I don’t know why they call her that. However, I realized that boo bam was bamboo spelled backwards. Could that be what they meant?

Wednesday – Went shopping. After all, you can’t go to the big city and then come back home looking as though you never went away at all. Robin’s Egg Blues are the popular shades, it seems, so I bought a matching set of shirt, tie and triangular pocket handkerchief. Pretty snazzy, if I say so myself.

Thursday – Decided to splurge and called room service for breakfast. The waiter was a sad-eyed, new arrival who referred to himself as The Lonely Greek. However, we knew he wouldn’t be lonely for very long in the friendly Gotham City. Sightseeing in the afternoon, and did we see the sights! Uptown and downtown. In one museum and out another. Cultural heritage! We stood in awe before King Tut’s Tomb. Later, we went to a concert to hear Fingers, the celebrated organist who wears a golden tuxedo. It’s showmanship, I guess, but he doesn’t need it, for he truly has the “golden touch.”

Friday -- Today we went out to Tugboat Square, where there are a lot of piers and boats and seafood restaurants. They say you can always tell a good seafood restaurant if that’s where the tugboat captains ear. But what good does it do you - you can’t just go up and ask everybody, “Are you a tugboat captain?” But we did have some delicious fried chicken and shoestring potatoes. We spent the rest of the day walking around the city, and we knew why it got the name Mother Gotham – because its concrete and steel canyons grow warm as they become familiar to you and they seem to reach out and just press you to their hearts. I can’t help feeling poetic like this. This city does something to you. Of course, we couldn’t leave without visiting the Queen of Freedom who carries the torch for all of us. And a good thing she does – what would this land be without freedom. It’s something to think about. Golly, what a week. And now, like they say, as the sun sets in the west we leave beautiful Gotham City...

Sometimes I wonder . . . is there really a Gotham City?